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The flexible MOTOMAN ES200RD II is a 6-axis shelf-mounted robot.

It offers high productivity, reliability and maximum performance in the areas of handling, machine tending and press brake tending. Being shelf-mounted, it is able to unload work pieces from above. This saves precious floor space and ensures that the space required for tool changing is kept free. Furthermore, the internal cable routing extends the service life of the robots, increases safety and reduces cycle times.

The MOTOMAN ES200RD II is controlled by the high-performance MOTOMAN DX200 controller. This is available with the optional Functional Safety Unit (FSU) that offers a wide range of new safety functions.


Key benefits

  • Fast, flexible and powerful
  • Streamlined design for minimal space requirements
  • Shelf-mounted:
    • Working range extended
    • Simple gripping of components
  • Possibility of mounting on machine
  • Longer service life of the dress package due to internal routing of the cables through the upper arm of the robot
  • Improved welding quality due to integrated control system for servomotor-driven spot welding guns


Technical Data

Řízené osy6
Nosnost200 kg
Maximální dosah3140 mm
Opakovatelnost±0.2 mm
Hmotnost1800 kg
Požadavky na výkon5.0 kVA
Možnosti upevněníPodlaha
Vhodný proDávkování
Odebírání materiálu
Obsluha strojů
Obsluha ohraňovaní
Bodové svařování
Maximální rychlost
S-osa 90 º /sec
L-osa 85 º /sec
U-osa 85 º /sec
R-osa 120 º /sec
B-osa 120 º /sec
T-osa 190 º /sec


Přesná shoda

Rozvaděč robotu DX200

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